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I am interested in....  Volunteering to Model for a drawing, painting or photoshoot you pose-- I draw, paint, or a involve you in a photo session -- all right at my studio.
 Commission Me to do a Painting, or Model Sketch
contact for more details.
 Commission me to do a photo shoot
Would do a photo shoot of you and/or any folks you bring along.
 Commission me to do a photo shoot of models I hire at your selection to pose as you direct
 "Paint By Photo"
You have a photo? Good. You don't have the time to come down to my studio and "model" for me. Okay.. Well, I have another option for you.... You can mail or email an 'image' of you to me, specifying the exact color scheme. I will do this from your photo and mail the painting/drawing to you. Sounds good? Make that request.
 General Inforamtion.
Get general information on my works or services I offer.

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