Commissioning Dov Art

To Commission Dov to produce a work of art, simply send fill out our contact form here.

The email should give some specific ideas of what the Patron (you) is looking for and the price range.

If you need Dov to hire models for the piece you have in mind, please specify what kinds of models you are looking for.  You will be responsible for paying the models’ fees up front as well as a fee to Dov for retaining them.

You may commission Dov to produce work in any of the media reflected on this site or you may suggest other media.  If need be, Dov will fly anywhere in the world to execute a commission, but it will be your responsibility to make the travel arrangements and provide accommodations and meals for Dov and his life partner.  Dov will, under the same terms fly anywhere in the world to supervise the installation of piece that you have either commissioned or purchased from Dov’s existing stock.

Dov works with no models under the age of 18.  There is no maximum age.  There are no restrictions on gender or orientation.  However, generally speaking, Dov only portrays humans and scenery.  He does not portray pets.

Dov does not tolerate activities that are dangerous, abusive, scatological, or drawing blood.

Commissioned works may draw on any of the themes present in this site and you may suggest or request other themes.  For institutional, especially religious patrons, Dov is available to suggest many themes from the Judeo-Christian tradition, one of his specialties.

Dov is willing to work in front of an audience and he is willing to have his work photographed in progress.

Dov is willing to adjust body proportions in works and/or make the subject of the artwork, (whether or not the Patron) appear older, younger, or practically anything else.  However, Patrons should not expect elaborate details of clothing or jewelry to be represented in anything but photographic work.

Dov accepts all major credit cards, cash, money orders, checks for deposits, and from highly stable patrons, checks for final payment.  All large scale works require a substantial deposit.


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