Volunteering As A Model For Dov Art

To volunteer to sit as a model for Dov, simply fill out our contact form here.  Such emails may include photographic images of the volunteer, but need not.  Such images may be nude, but need not.  Such images may include faces, but need not.

Dov utilizes the services of volunteers both for the production of completed pieces and for study pieces for future works.

Generally speaking, works produced by Dov are expected to be sold publicly, posted on the internet, displayed in museums and galleries, or in private homes.  Any volunteer model may therefore request that any work produced be kept by Dov not to be released to the public during Dov's lifetime.

Models may pose nude, clothed, draped, or partially nude, as they prefer.  Models may request Dov to omit, hide, or transform their faces in the artwork produced.  Dov will also either for his own reasons or on request omit particularly distinctive body features, including unusual hair patterns, piercings, and tattoos.

First time models may select their own pose or have Dov suggest one.  Repeat models generally assume poses Dov requests.

Dov works with no models under the age of 18.  There is no maximum age.  Some of Dov's most important art works have been created with models who self-describe as "fat old men."

Dov has no preferences with regard to race or ethnicity.

Models may pose alone or they may, if they wish, furnish a chaperone.

Dov does not generally work unpaid with female models, but when commissioned to do so, will.

Dov does not generally pay his models, but he occasionally hires men when commissioned to do so by a patron of Dov's art.

There is no charge to sit for Dov.  But if the model wants an original artwork, there is a charge.  Dov furnishes free photographs of the work produced to models who request it.


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