About Dov

Dov Treiman - Renaissance Man

By any definition of the term, Dov is a renaissance man. From an early age, his multidisciplinary interests and accomplishments in many areas were formidable. He began formal studies as an artist as a teenager and painted extensively from ages 16 to 23.

In addition to his art studies during his teenage years, he actively participated in musical activities and was a gold medalist in competitive mathematics.

In college, his academic concentration focused on music history, history and French. Amidst the multi-various and rigorous intellectual and cultural stimuli of Stony Brook University, he honed his analytical skills, and followed his father into the practice of law, which he currently pursues on Wall Street, focusing on real estate litigation and landlord-tenant issues.  The acknowledged expert in the field, he has written over 90 volumes of research materials on landlord-tenant law, and has become the author of the standard litigation tools in that area of litigation. In addition he has written dozens of essays and is regularly consulted and quoted by The New York Times.

His lifelong interest in linguistics has been realized in his ability to speak, read, and write in five languages and his ongoing studies to add others.

His deep connection to music from his early childhood studies and performances,  continuing with intense study of music history and immersion in the appreciation of musical performance in live concerts and recordings, have also had their profound impact on his artistic output.

His interest took more active form when he began composing in 1993. His musical compositions often take the form of tone poems, but have also included sets of orchestral variations and symphonies. The music on this website includes an excerpt from a piano concerto he composed.

In recent years, he has been a member of various professional, fraternal, and religious associations including Freemasonry where he has been named an Assistant Grand Lecturer.

During his first marriage, when he produced no art and his former artistic  creation was greeted with hostility, he confined his artistic expression to teaching music and film.  After that marriage, however, an explosion of  output and creativity  occurred, with explorations in new media, new techniques and new ways to incorporate  sometimes very old ideas in ways that draw on his many interests, scholarly disciplines, and experiences.  That explosive output has continued, almost unabated, to the present day and owes much to the support of his life-partner, Tom Antonovich.

He has also taught and lectured in many venues on a wide range of subjects in law, theology, art, music, and film.  He also designed curricula for use in elementary Christian education.

Once married, twice partnered, he has four children and a grandson. He and his partner, Tom Antonovich, maintain their large home in Central New York, O.U.2. Manor, as a haven for those who simply wish to retreat to a place of relaxation and renewal where they may contemplate and experience the work of a variety of artists and enter into dialogues on topics ranging from paleontology to British monarchical history to Christian theology, as well as music and art, a striking realization of an ongoing process of engagement, dialogue and discovery that Dov has fully demonstrated thus far in his life and art.

This site enables the viewer to gain some experience of the world of Dov and join in the process of discovery and dialogue that his work engenders.


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